The henna plant has been used for thousands of years to maintain and colour hair.

Henna Powder

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A henna based powder that uses natural henna, neutral henna and black henna, to which other plant extracts are added depending on the desired shade. These include Rhapontic (from Rhubarb) and leaves of Chamomile and Rosemary.

Henna Colouring Cream

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A henna-based hair colouring cream. Adds radiant highlights to the hair without changing its natural colour.

Henna Colour Ehancing Mask

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A treatment that beautifies your hair with a complex of natural active ingredients. Shea butter nourishes lifeless hair and strengthens hair ends. Henna extract coats hair, leaving it healthy and full of vitality while essential oil of Ylang Ylang restructures dull hair and split ends.

Henna Maintenance Shampoo

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A frequent use shampoo based on coconut oil, enriched with henna extracts. Leaves hair shiny without changing its colour.

Henna Balsam Conditioner

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A conditioner enriched with natural henna extract which is nourishing and detangling and actively revitalises hair. A small dab mixed with 100g of henna powder allows the henna to provide longer lasting colour.

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